Witnessing Study Group

Everyone is invited to attend our Witnessing Study Group Sabbath afternoons at 2 p.m.

Witnessing doesn't mean knocking on doors - God has given each of us different talents to use in ministering to the needs of others. Explore with us the various ways witnessing about your faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible can be accomplished simply and effectively. We are using the book I'm Allergic to Witnessing, by Kim Allan Johnson.

May 22  - Lesson 1: You Don't Have To Be a Salesman

May 29  - Remember the Goal: Connecting People to Jesus Christ (extra curricular)

June 5    - Lesson 2: You Don't Have To Be a Saint

June 12  - Lesson 3: You Don't Have To Be the Entire Process

June 19  - Lesson 4: You Don't Have To Be a Theologian

June 26 - Lesson 5: It's Okay To Be Happy

July 3     - Lesson 6: God Didn't Send an Email

July 10   - Lesson 7: Don't Try to Shine

July 17   - Lesson 8: How Good Is the Good News?