Kindergarten - Primary Class Material

Kindergarten, ages 3 - 4

Primary, ages 5 - 9

Starting With Jesus

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Bible studies used in our Kindergarten and Primary class are from My Bible First. These two age groups study the same Bible story in separate lessons, which makes it easier for parents with children in multiple age groups to study lessons at home.

Each Sabbath in our class, the children are sent home with a lesson study for the next week, giving them a chance to become familiar with the coming lesson and memorize next weeks Bible verse. In Sabbath School we emphasize the lesson the child has read through the week through a nature story, repeating the Bible story, and often have object lessons to emphasize the story, and ideas to apply it to their life in the weeks to come. Lesson study is followed by craft time which again emphasizes the lesson presented in the Bible story. Children are encouraged to learn by participating in a happy, caring environment.


Our Lessons

In Kindergarten, My Bible Lessons is delightfully written as a three-year cycle introducing the great controversy and plan of salvation theme in chronological order from Genesis to Revelation.

Continuing into Primary, My Bible First is designed to assist the early reader to begin a personal devotion time. The same three-year cycle enlarges and expands the great controversy and plan of salvation theme introduced in the kindergarten lessons.



"Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God..."  Mark 10:14