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Carson City Seventh-day adventist church(Every Member A Minister)
We sincerely welcome you to join us and experience an authentic, growing and vibrant relationship with our God and our Lord Jesus Christ and fulfill His purpose for your life. We invite you to come and connect with the Lord and His body of believers in song, in Scripture and in fellowship; to truly experience what it is like to be growing spiritually in the Lord and be strengthened in faith among His family of believers. We encourage you to come and be involved, be a part of one of our ministries; that you may enrich others with your gifts and your talents; and experience the real joy of ministering to the needs of others just as Christ ministers to each one of us.

We are not an overly large congregation that you would feel lost in the crowd. We are just the size of a large extended family that we know each other's needs and are moved by the Holy Spirit to treat each other with respect, to love one another and bear one another's burdens. Apart from our services within our church family we also maintain and extend our services to the needs of others in the community, as well as our friends and neighbors. 

As a community of believers in Jesus Christ awaiting His soon return, we have a burden to bear to the world of the knowledge of the character of God as revealed in the character of Jesus Christ. And we believe it is this knowledge of an all powerful, all loving and selfless God, that will transform and re-create each of us in His image. Until then, when His character is perfectly reproduced in His people, will He come to claim us as His own. 

Health Nuggets                                                      

Healthy Eating Tips
Not too long ago, nutritionists used the Food Guide Pyramid to help us understand how to eat a healthy diet. Although it was an effective tool, sometimes it required a little explanation to make sense of it.
Strokes Among Youth
Here in the United States Heart Disease is the number one killer. Usually we think of this as a problem that happens among older adults. And this is true to a certain extent. Generally, the risk continually increases after the age of 45.
How Sweet It Is!
Honey is one of the earliest sweeteners used by humans and preceded the use of sugarcane by many centuries. Beekeeping to obtain honey probably goes back to the early Egyptians who used honey in embalming...
Vitamin Supplements?
There is an adage that says that if a little is good, more must be better. This saying does not hold true for vitamins, since too much could be unsafe. Many people today are unsure as to whether or not their daily food can supply them with adequate nutrition, and so they take a vitamin pill to provide nutritional insurance.
Those Growing Bones
Getting our kids to eat healthy can be quite a task but being persistent has its benefits. One benefit is supporting the growth of healthy bones and teeth.
Osteoarthritis Help
I love to hike. It’s one of those activities that feeds my soul. But when my knees started hurting a few months ago, I went to see an orthopedic doctor who took x-rays.



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